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Wildlife: Our Divine Messengers - a talk with Stacey Couch, Shaman

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With the help of Shamanic Practitioner, Stacey Couch, discover what the angels of nature are telling us every day. Hawks and other wildlife act as divine messengers in our lives that help us get in touch not only with the cycles and wisdom of nature, but the brilliance of our own souls.

Gain insight into how to interpret this guidance and gather tips on how to put your sightings in the context of your life. Grounded in the teaching of the ancient practice of shamanism, receive advice on how to harness the wisdom of spirit animals for yourself.

Purchase a personally signed copy of Stacey's book, Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks (, for $20 the night of the event.


Stacey L. L. Couch, author, Certified Shamanic Practitioner and Certified Archetypal Consultant, works as a publicist and journalist for Mother Nature and is the author of Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks. She empowers people with the ability to explore life’s big questions by calling on nature, story and synchronicity as a source for guidance and healing. With her deeply rooted experience in the field of shamanism and passion for working with wildlife and rescue animals, Stacey has a unique blend of rational and mystical perspective that makes the world of shamanism easily accessible to others. She values mindfulness, wonder, and compassion in her daily spiritual practice.

"In a gripping memoir-narrative, Stacey Couch takes us on an unforgettable and seamless journey from the Dream World to the Real World, from the Scientific World to the Hawk World, from urbanity to wildness. Along the way, we become enthralled by the magic of synchronicity and the joy of spirit mirrors. In the madness of this modern world that we live in, I found Gracious Wild to be a gentle oasis of joyous and uplifting sanity."

  • Jon Turk, author of The Raven's Gift: A Scientist, A Shaman, and their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness
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