Vinyasa Flow for Dancers


Come join Mystie Raven as she helps you start your weekend off right! No yoga experience needed, and you do NOT need to be a dancer to experience the full benefit of this class! Drop in rates $15 for non-members. This class is offered the first and third Saturday of every month!

Vinyasa is breath connected to movement where one becomes fully present in the experience of breath, body and mind. Vinyasa leads to a deeper absorption of what's happening here and now with clear intention of Sukham (calm and ease) and Sthira (steadiness and strength). The Sage of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali, posits that these are essential, interrelated qualities of Asana practice. For dancers, understanding and incorporating the Bandhas into a Vinyasa Flow will provide balance, strength and a graceful performance. You will feel strong and elegant as you dance.