New School Sex Ed Series: Rewilding and Embracing your Animal Nature

Denver Biological Health & Education Meetup
Denver Biological Health & Education Meetup
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Human Universal Education Center

455 S. Hudson St. Suite 101 · Denver, co

How to find us

Meet us in the HUE Center, Suite 101. You may park in the free underground lot and take the elevator to the first floor. Once you step off the elevator, HUE is on the left. Take note that HUE is a shoe-free zone. Please bring socks if you need them!

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Do you have the relationships you want and the love life you desire?

Or are you fumbling around, doing your best with limited tools and crossing your fingers for a stroke of good luck?

For most us, early sex education was a joke and we’ve relied on faulty “on the job training” to figure it out. Meanwhile, our culture bombards us with confusing messages about love and sex and it’s hard to find good information about authentic intimacy and pleasure.

That’s why we designed and updated our 12 part series on Understanding Sexuality. To break down the basics and fill in the gaps. Our classes are filled with relatable information and tangible tools, covering so much of what got skipped the first time.

We offer a no nonsense, informal environment where all you need is an open mind and some curiosity. If you’re an adult, you’re welcome! When you know yourself and have solid practices, greater confidence and fulfillment is possible.

Even if you’ve attended before, there’s more to learn, so come again! We’ve added four new classes and more experiential practices, and yes, everyone still keeps their clothes on. Each class is stands on it’s own so drop ins are welcome, but to get the most out of it, we recommend taking all twelve classes.

To sweeten the deal, if you pay up front for the series, you get one free!

Why us? We’re two passionate and enthusiastic somatic sex educators who are devoted to inspiring more pleasure, personal freedom and fulfillment in the world.

Join us, and discover all the things your parents would have taught you had they only known.

“At my first New School Sex Ed group session, I spoke up at the very end of class in ways I’ve never spoken openly about before; sharing and being vulnerable! Rough territory for us boys taught all our lives to be stoic and unemotional.” — Bill C.
Your Brain and Pleasure: The Difference Between Pleasure and Happiness
May 21st, 2019

Our brains are hardwired for reward. Reward is WONDERFUL, and can actually hold us back from feeling fulfilled. Come for an introduction to the neuroscience of pleasure and how it affects you. In this class we show you how to transform compulsion and yearning to fulfillment and contentment.


Anara and Chris have been dear friends for many years. After spending time exploring women’s culture in a collective focusing on authentic relating, inner journey work and sexual health, they decided to further their studies and get certified in somatic sexological bodywork. They have had tandem businesses working individually with clients and have now joined together to bring accurate information about bodies, sex, intimacy and self-love to the public.

“We are sex educators who have directly experienced the pain and confusion of being brought up in a world where mixed messages about love, desire, and sex are the cultural norm. We’ve spent a lot of years untangling and clarifying what true sexual health and empowerment feels like and we are passionate about creating opportunities for individuals, couples and groups to safely explore their own experiences to find self-acceptance and personal liberation. We believe that through compassion, guidance, self-reflection, and dedication, this kind of awakening is available for all of us.”


COST: $25 per class

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Rewilding and Embracing your Animal Nature: Exploring the Art of Communal Connection
December 17th, 2019

In our disconnected world, it’s easy to forget that we are animals, pack animals to be exact. We are deeply connected to each other and the natural world, regardless of whether we notice it or not. Forgetting this can create a sense of longing and isolation. Join us to explore the art of communal connection through nonsexual consensual touch.