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Although the group title may sound a bit pretentious, the goal of this group is to bring together women who are concerned with topics of social injustice or would like to learn more about such topics through literature. Together we will read, meet, and discuss books regarding social issues that our society faces. Through engaging with this content the vision for this group is to connect with each other and seek ways to connect with the issues at hand in our world. My hope is this group provides an opportunity to connect like-minded females over real world challenges. Click here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OURJ9ommjy1E6NLryyky_kAxUO-BW5mbH5NF8i88ZVs/edit?usp=sharing) for a link to our book list.

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Let's Meet and Discuss Our New Book List

Tattered Cover Book Store

We will be deciding which books we want to read in the upcoming months (chosen from the collaboratively constructed list labeled "Current Book Nomination List" at the link below and on our description page...feel free to add!). There are other lists in this document but they are just past suggestions. Feel free to browse but remember to put your suggestions on the Current Book list. We will not spend much time discussing books so please read descriptions beforehand (thanks!). Book list day is always fun :) :) :) Thanks and see you all soon! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OURJ9ommjy1E6NLryyky_kAxUO-BW5mbH5NF8i88ZVs/edit#gid=[masked]

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