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Botonauts unite!

Astronauts push the boundaries of understanding our universe, as do we (bot-makers) expand the knowledge and possibilities for what humans and bots accomplish together.

This group is for everyone - Botonauts is your community hub for all things bot. Our home is http://www.BOTONAUTS.com - come explore the universe of possibilities with bots, share your bot or connect with other bot-makers.

If you're not a bot-maker but want to learn about designing great bot experiences, that's cool too. We connect those with an interest in bots with bot-makers, and we host workshops to on creating great bot experiences.

2016 has brought a wave of new businesses and products that fall more or less into the category of messaging-bots, chat-bots or conversational-bots, “invisible apps” or "conversational commerce”.

No UI is the new UI and TIME has called today's 'bot-craze' "the next platform for applications and services”. Messaging-bots are popping up for everything, increasingly displacing mobile-apps and some are getting significant funding from capital groups. With new bots being brought to life daily by startups and huge household brands alike, you can now use a bot to order a sandwich, make a payment or donation, read the news, remind you of an appointment or even make an appointment. Washington DC, even has a bot for their 311-public services hotline. The list goes on and on.

Our workshops are open to all folks who are interested in exploring great bot customer experiences and creating your own conversational-bots.

Discussion and hands-on bot exploration and creation is the focus, along side skilled mentors who have created bots and are familiar with best practices and the nuances of defining the best experience.

If you want to present a bot that you've been working on or if you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at elias@onereach.com

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Bot-Making 101 | An intro to building conversational-bots

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