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Calling all brand managers, agency professionals, marketing managers, and hard-charging entrepreneurs!

The Denver Brand Marketers + Agency Professionals meetup helps connect like-minded individuals and provides engaging events to help you get more marketing results fast. TARGET MEMBERS: Maybe you're a big brand that needs a faster way to hit your ambitious growth KPIs. Maybe you're a startup that needs a scrappy and high-impact marketing approach. Perhaps you've achieved some mass awareness but not sales... or vice versa?

With hundreds of live and virtual events already under our belt, we know what you need — simple, surprising, and significant insights and tips from seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs that are useful, relevant, and actionable.

This meetup group is led by Ben Kaplan — the founder + CEO of PR Hacker, the world's fastest growing viral marketing firm. In under 4 years, PR Hacker has revolutionized the PR industry with its data-driven, viral-optimized, and growth-focused approach for brands like Budweiser, Mercedes-Benz, Citi, Smuckers, and Milk-Bone. Kaplan is the bestselling author of 12 books and investor pitch trainer to startups from more than 50 countries. Please take a moment to join the Denver Brand Marketers + Agency Professionals Facebook community: http://bit.ly/PRH-FB

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Want to Volunteer?

We are always looking for event volunteers to assist with event staffing, photography, filming, promoting and marketing of our events. Volunteers can attend our events for free and can often bring guests. Please introduce yourself to us at the next event or send us a note at globalevents@prhacker.com with how you want to help out and why you are a good fit. Some event staffing services we may need depending on the event include: Greeters, Photographers, Videographers, Brand Ambassadors, Brand Advocates, Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Marketing Managers, Promotional Models, Catering Servers, VIP Party Hosts, Field Managers, Product Specialists and Trade Show Staffing. Contact us at globalevents@prhacker.com to learn more and to determine if there is a good fit.

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Crisis Marketing: 7 Ways to Amplify the Moment to Accelerate Growth

This webinar with be held on 5/28/2020 from 7PM to 8PM ET. To reserve your space, visit: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/1815901741086/WN_jNFW3fYlRsme3Qj0u4o_1Q There is one common trait among the 9% of companies who thrived during the past four global recessions: They all invested in marketing when other companies did not. But how do you know which marketing disciplines you should invest in — and which you should pass on — during the current pandemic? How can you pivot your marketing plan to succeed in the short, medium, and long-term? And what is the best way to leverage breaking news and the trending social conversation to drive huge gains in awareness for your product, brand, company, or cause? During this dynamic webinar, TOP Global CEO Ben Kaplan will discuss these marketing topics: - How to target customers + verticals who have the right psychological makeup to do business now - Why performance-based marketing techniques always surge during moments of uncertainty - How to leverage timely + relevant themes in your marketing by thinking like a TV news desk - The 11 unique ways to package marketing content for broader consumption during a crisis - Why certain integrated marketing channels are heavily underpriced during the COVID-19 crisis We'll even draw upon marketing examples from the 2008 Great Recession to learn how the most successful companies grab market share while their competitors are looking the other way. TO REGISTER VISIT: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/1815901741086/WN_jNFW3fYlRsme3Qj0u4o_1Q TARGET AUDIENCE: * Major B2C brands that need to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase of their products * Major B2B brands that need to accelerate their sales cycle and become industry thought leaders * Startup founders and entrepreneurs who need to get more with less budget * Anyone who wants to accelerate their growth even in times of turmoil

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