June 18th 2019 - CSA-CO Meeting

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Speaker: James Condon - Director of Research at Lacework

Topic: A Practical Guide to Securing Kubernetes

The rising adoption of container orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes, has enabled developers to scale cloud applications quickly and efficiently. However, this adoption comes with a new set of security challenges, such as securing the APIs used to manage these ecosystems. Many container orchestrations platforms can easily be set up in a matter of minutes, but hardening and understanding these systems for production use can take much longer.

This talk is broken down into three major parts:

Kubernetes Overview: James will give a brief primer on Kubernetes, why it’s so popular, and its major components.

Risks and Threats to Kubernetes: James will discuss the many risks and threats to Kubernetes giving real-world examples. The section is broken into two themes, threats from outside the cluster and threats from within the cluster. James will discuss and demo a research study that uncovered more than 20,000 publicly accessible orchestration management consoles accessible to the Internet. He will also show a similar research study revealing thousands of key-value stores with APIs open to the internet. Discussion on major CVEs related to Kubernetes will also be included.

Lastly, James gives 10 essential recommendations for securing Kubernetes deployments. These are tied back into the examples in the previous section. He'll also provide resources to learn more about all items in the talk.

James Condon is Director of Research at Lacework, where he conducts research for cloud security. James is a security veteran with over 10 years of experience in incident response, intelligence analysis, and automated threat detection. Prior to Lacework, James was Director of Threat Research and Analysis at ProtectWise where he founded the 401 Threat Research Group. Prior to ProtectWise, James was an analyst at Mandiant where he provided network traffic analysis and forensics for several incident response engagements. James got his start in the security industry as a Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Time/Date/Location - 06/18/19 @6pm - SecureSet Academy Denver

Parking - few lots on the corners that are 5$

Social/Networking - join us after the meeting for some beverages/food and networking opportunities with your peers at a local watering hole.

Bring a friend, come learn something new and get CPE!