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Dim Sum Time (Happy Chinese New Year)

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Some of you wanted to try Dim-Sum. I am scheduled this with Petia and Ken in mind. I checked the Denver Friendship One website. I believe we can do it this month for those who wants to eat Dim-Sum. I will need to reserve seats. So, let me know.

The Star Kitchen website:


Since almost all of you have no objection of doing this at 10am when I first posted this activity. I have decided to change it back to 10am. This is the final time. Please update your RVSP if you cannot make it. I hope all whom signed up will be there. I have to reserve tables for us. The restaurant opens at 10am, so I propose a time to meet everyone outside the restaurant around 9:45 to 10am so that we all go in at the same time.

We will sit in a big table with 8 or 9 people each, depending how many people we will have. So, it is important that we all arrive on time so that we can all decide together what to order for the table. It is cheaper this way. I will recommend a couple of dishes for each table and the rest will be up to the people in each table. We will probably have 2 to 3 tables for these many people. Each table is responsible for the Bill, so divide among yourself. It should not be more than $15 per person with tip (depending how much you order--of course). Ask me first if you are not sure what to order.

The parking lot is not that big. If you get there on time, you are guaranteed a parking space. We have 17 people more or less. I apologize for not able to accommodating of those who want to do it later. I have to go with the majority which is 99% right now. Another thing, the restaurant is very busy, It will not wait for anyone to arrive and parking is limited. Park in residential neighborhood if you have to. It is only a BLOCK OR 2 AWAY. So, please be on time.

It is almost impossible to do this in a big group. Chinese restaurant is not like an American Restaurant. It does not operate the same way. 10am to 12 pm are the best time to eat Dim Sum because the Dim Sum will be fresh and the restaurant is not extremely busy. Once 12pm comes, it is almost impossible to get seats. By the time the dim sum comes to the table, you almost will have no options to choose. We have a big group. It will take us 1 to 1.5 hrs to get everyone enough to eat. This is not a big restaurant, but it is fairly accommodating. I do not want them to rush us out before we are ready to leave. I am sure no one want to be rushed out the door. Unfortunately, that's how chinese restaurant operates in the weekend. Lots of Chinese people eat Dim Sum from 10 to 2pm. I want to make sure that we beat the rush hour. I need the head count for certain by this Thur so that I can make arrangements for us. Thanks.



  • Kym

    One of the best meetups ever!! thanks so much Wesley.

    5 years ago
  • Steva G.

    Dim Sum was terrific. Hats off to Wes, great planning.

    5 years ago
  • Former member

    Former member

    Wesley is the Host with the Most. He made this Meetup so enjoyable.

    5 years ago