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You look around the room at the end of the movie and realize you’re the only one crying happy tears. You wonder why that is. You find yourself nodding in agreement to something you don’t necessarily agree with, in order to spare the person talking the embarrassment of pointing out how wrong they are. You intuit meaning from someone’s “slip of the tongue.” You rarely, if ever, apologize for something you said because you are exact with the words you speak. You feel the way that person looks at you and know what they are thinking about you. You do things for other people, knowing that they would never do the same for you. You take that idiot’s criticism personally. You are lost in a song that becomes a soundtrack to your beautiful, personal, interior life. You work to be perfect at the things you do because without perfection comes criticism, which you interpret as embarrassment and that is entirely unacceptable.

You are the most beautiful thing that draws breath. You are Highly Sensitive, too generic a name for such an enigmatic being. You think you are the only person who feels as much as you do, who hurts and loves as passionately as you do. Your lover doesn’t return your kindnesses but you have adapted to that shortcoming and it only propels you forward into more generous acts of compassion and kindness. You sacrifice for the sake of appeasing that thing in your head, not for the applause of others…

You are not alone. We are covered in scars from the times we exposed ourselves to potential hurt and more often than not, it came just as you expected. It stopped you cold. It sent you into seclusion but the voice in your head that tells you to love and live and be vibrant and beautiful again and again. You step back out into the day and do it again and again.

You are the most passionate of lovers. The most giving of friends. The most self-critical employee. You are working toward personal perfection at all times, concerned about your reflection in other people’s eyes. You appreciate art and weep at the sight of something so touching that it stops you in your tracks.

You are all these things, but you are not alone. There are more of us and we’re looking for you. We want to save you and to allow you to help save us from ourselves. In the world we are 1 in 5. Here, we are 5 in 5. We are forming a group to talk about the reality of HSP, the cost of being vulnerable and beautiful. If you’re tired of being the only one crying at the end of that movie, join us. We’re looking for you.

I am Number 5.

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