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Denver is brimming over with innovation groups specializing in different areas, from software to biotechnology to healthcare and more. Until now it has lacked a meta-innovation group - one where members can speak with with some of the most innovative, creative minds among us, thereby tapping into the spring of innovation at its source.

Our goal is to be a virtual hub for the cross-pollination of ideas as well as the sharing of innovative habits and strategies that drive progress within science and technology. Join us and take the ideas you learn back to your own innovation groups or apply them in your everyday lives. You don't even have to live in Denver - we believe in the power of videoconferencing to zero out the distances between us.

The schematic below was created from the interests (yellow) of our first 30 innovators (blue). An enlarged version is available in our photo album under Innovation Schematics (https://www.meetup.com/Denver-Innovation-Hub/photos/27826166/). It shows the sheer diversity of shared interests within our innovation hub. Where might you fit?


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