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Concepts of Energy Healing with Christine Hart

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Christine will talk about various processes and “tools” she uses in energy healing. She’ll discuss medical issues, demonstrate energetic processes and talk about various dimensions that create “stuck energy. Join us in this interactive presentation. Incidentally, this meetup will be in the sanctuary upstairs.

A bio:
Christine is an MD who has been offering energy healing sessions in Boulder since she left medical practice 8 years ago. She maintains her medical licenses but has not reentered traditional practice because there is so much value in what clients are able to achieve at the energetic level. Christine was born with the ability to experience other-dimensional realities, but “shut down” early in life. After a car accident “knocked her off her path,” she left medicine and studied various energy practices with Peruvian healers, alternative practitioners and Dr. Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics). She uses her medical knowledge plus energetic processes in healing sessions with clients.

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Christine is a gifted and powerful healer.


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