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Dear Denver Entrepreneurs & Others
Who Aspire to be Especially Well-Informed:

This is a Special Mastermind Series for Entrepreneurs...
and others who want the benefits of participating in a very
advanced mastermind...

(Complete Mastermind details below. Please read.)

NOTE: A productive Mastermind group, must use a proven
process to align people so they can spark-off creative insights.

Otherwise, a Mastermind group can become chaotic,
dominated by indoctrinated thinking that totally blocks creativity.

At Denver Mastermind on Steroids, we use a proven process
to align the group that transcends indoctrinated thinking… and
reveals dazzling insights.


Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity To Expand Your Horizons!

We are scheduling a small number of Passionate Thinkers to

attend our free Thoughtstorm® sessions to create and
develop valuable ideas.

Why Our Thoughtstorm® Generates Phenomenal Results

Our small group means those special few will get more creative
problem-solving and opportunity-seizing interaction than can be
delivered in a larger group.

So if you've ever considered becoming someone especially
well-informed about a particular subject, now's the time.

Wheeeeeooooo! This is a fun, outrageous, mind-bending blast!
(You didn't learn this in traditional schools.)

Indeed, to make sure our Thoughtstorm sessions stay small
(an announcement like this could easily trigger a ton of RSVPs),
these sessions are limited to only 8 creative thinkers
because each 90-minute session is highly interactive... think
MasterMind on steroids (enhanced mastermind process)!

How Our Enhanced Mastermind Process Increases "IQ"

PURPOSE: Thoughtstorm® is an exciting and productive
group process that allows people to plan the future, solve
problems, do strategic planning, etc.

INTENDED RESULTS: The Thoughtstorm process aligns a
group of people so they can cooperate toward developing ideas
and solutions ... instead of arguing, competing, and being
uncooperative. The Thoughtstorm Group develops better ideas
and solutions than any one person could develop alone.

For example, if you and I together took an IQ Test, you’d
have answers I wouldn’t, and I’d have answers you wouldn’t ...
and together we’d have a higher IQ!

Likewise, Thoughtstorm Groups, when aligned, create truly
phenomenal answers!

STRUCTURE: We meet in a comfortable Denver
restaurant on Mondays, 7PM. (Pay for your own food.) We
review the Thoughtstorm Instructions before each meeting.

Then, we’ll discuss an alignment question to set the stage.
Our Thoughtstorm begins. We share, amplify, or discard
responses. The source of an idea is irrelevant.

Soon, patterns emerge and we begin to reveal the underlying
principles, beliefs, and causal relationships.

Sometimes we may have periods of silence for mental

Sooner or later, we have intuitive recognition and agreement
on a core concept (AKA corecep).

How We Create Heightened Awareness & Creativity

Our process taps into innate abilities of the human mind...
and into consciousness that strains to be expressed... creativity
beyond everyday thinking.

"What we experienced was like a forgotten sensory ability
- mind linking. It seemed like the next evolution in thinking. A
marriage of creativity and compassion." -- Harry Palmer

Do You Want to Acquire Better Ideas & Solutions?

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Act Fast! I will accept no more than 7 participants for each
Special Thoughtstorm. What an opportunity! Session. (Waiting list


Mike Hayden, Your Thoughtstorm® Pilot

PS: Join our Mastermind on Steroids for better ideas and solutions!

Of course it costs a little money (for your food).
Of course it takes a little time.
Of course it requires your participation..

PPS: What this Mastermind is NOT:

Not a lecture or class – no “speakers” – no gossip
Not an info-dump (you already have enough info)
Not a business-style meeting – no complaining THIS is fun!
Not a place to promote your stuff – no sales
Not a personal confront – no pressure
Not a speed-format – 90 productive minutes
Not a “network” group, but you’ll meet great people
Not a “therapy” group (we don’t handle cases)

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For questions, call me at (303) 585-1945 for more information.
If I am not there, I WILL return your call!


Mike Hayden, Organizer

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