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3 Days of Adventure on the Colorado River: Rafting,Camping, Cliff Diving, Hot S
2 Nights of Camping, Beginner Rafting Class 1 and Class 2 rapids, Cliff Diving, and Hot Springs! Carpool from Wooly Mammoth Parking Lot near Denver to the Camp site at Radium Hot Springs. Carpool from Wolly Mammoth Lot in Morrison. *Split gas equally with driver.($20 is average) Day 1 Depart 4:15 Arrive 6:30 Hike to Radium 1.5 miles moderate (must carry camping equipment to dispersed camping site) 7:15 Setup Camp 7:45 Cliff Diving 8:30 Hot Spring Day 2 7 A.M. Eat and clean up.(leave equipment at own risk at site) 8:30 A.M. Depart for rafting 9 A.M. Launch 🚀 Rafting starting point Pumphouse 12 Noon stop off at Hot Spring for lunch. 45 min 5 P.M. Dock at Rancho Del Rio 5:30 BBQ at Rancho Del Rio (Bring what you will cook. 7 P.M Head Black to Campsite parking 7:30 hike to campsite from parking 1.5 miles moderate 8 P.M. Hot Spring Day 3 7 A.M. Breakfast and cleanup campsite.(final breakdown) 8 A.M. Hike back load camping gear 8:30 Depart 9 A.M. raft Launch 🚀 at Rancho Del Rio 12 Noon stop for Rail Road Ghost town tour & lunch(bring own lunch 45 min) 3:30 Dock at Two Bridges 4 P.M. Eat and Cleanup 5 P.M. Head back to Morrison Park m Ride Arrive around 7:30 at Park n Ride CAMPSITE GEAR Tent, poles, stakes Tent footprint (ground cover for under your tent) Extra tarp or canopy Sleeping bag for each camper Sleeping pad for each camper Repair kit for pads, mattress, tent, tarp Pillows Extra blankets Chairs Headlamps or flashlights (extra batteries) Lantern Lantern fuel or batteries What should I bring on rafting trips? Here's a list of items to remember to bring: SUN GLASSES, preferably with croakies or some means of securing them from falling. SUN SCREEN and BRIMMED HAT. (Baseball caps are OK) T-SHIRTS and SHORTS or FAST DRYING PANTS. Swim suits are fine. You can count on getting wet. We have found that cotton, particularly blue jeans, remain wet and uncomfortable. TEVAS, SANDALS, or OLD TENNIS SHOES. You will be walking on the river banks and foot protection is necessary. Should you choose to swim or wade, the river bottom can have unseen rocks or sticks. SWEATER and LIGHT WATER RESISTANT JACKET. (Synthetic, fleece and wool materials generally provide warmth even when wet) Afternoon showers are common and temperatures can vary throughout the day. Our guides will provide you with rain wear as well as dry storage bags if needed. DRY CLOTHES AND SHOES FOR AFTER THE TRIP Any PERSONAL MEDICATIONS. WATER BOTTLE. You may wish to fill it with lemonade or your own personal water supply. WATERPROOF CAMERA. You'll be rafting through some of the most beautiful country in the state of Colorado. You may also have the opportunity to photograph wildlife including muledeer, elk and eagles. You may put your wallets and other valuables in one of our dry bags on the raft if you wish. Try to bring as few valuables as possible for we cannot be responsible for them. Rafting on the Colorado River from Pump House to Two Bridges. 🛶🤙🏻

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