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Update: Due to sparse attendance, there will be no more scheduled meetings for now, but this group will remain on Meetup for new members to join and older members to contact each other. If enough people are interested in re-kindling weekly meetings, then we will re-launch it.

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This group devotes itself to the study of non-dual spiritual philosophy and contemplative religion. The group would probably appeal to spiritual seekers who have been on the path for a while, but newcomers to spirituality are welcome as well.

In modern usage, the word "mysticism" sometimes carries a hokey-pokey connotation and has been associated with psychic powers such as mind reading, clairvoyance, fortune telling, prophesying, shamanistic experience, etc. This group has no such interest. Our aim is to read selections of the great mystics from around the world, both ancient and modern, to guide us across the rocky inner terrain of the individual soul to the Absolute.

We are interested in an "open way" of spirituality, which means we don't take a dogmatic approach with any particular tradition. However, the one thing all the materials we study have in common is that they take a Non-dual perspective on Reality.

Aldous Huxley writes, "In studying the Perennial Philosophy we can either begin at the bottom, with practice and morality; or at the top, with a consideration of metaphysical truths...Through the upper gate go those whose vocation it is to think and speculate - the born philosophers and theologians."

I suppose this Meetup group is for the "born philosophers and theologians" then who understands that the discussion of metaphysics and mysticism is one important ingredient of deep sanity and a life fulfilled.

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