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Denver Open Media is a nonprofit creative incubator that hosts a variety of community events featuring local musicians, comedians, and more. We're all about democratizing access to media tools and education and offering the community fun and exciting events to laugh/dance their troubles away.

This is a group for anyone interested in creating media, but also for the rest of us just looking for a fun night out! For producers, you'll find access to affordable classes covering topics like video and podcast production, editing, creative writing, and more. For everyone else, you can come to hang out at our studios! Attend our upcoming concerts and comedy shows, featuring local artists and comedians. We also host open mic nights, where you can come to perform or simply attend and enjoy some concessions.

Learn more about us at denveropenmedia.org.

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Class - Field Production Workshop

Open Media Foundation


Please register here: https://www.denveropenmedia.org/classes/field-production-workshop-69 Note: this class takes place over TWO nights, Wed. 8/28 and Thu. 8/29. Most perceived barriers to professional-quality video production don't really exist. You can produce high-quality work even with limited financial resources. In our Field Production Workshop, we focus on ease, affordability, and resourcefulness in professional-quality video production. The Field Production Workshop takes students into the process of cinematography, lighting, and audio. With a focus on the manual controls available through larger 3-chip DV cameras, this class is intended for individuals who either already have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of video production or who have never even touched a camera before! Learn how to use manual shutter speed, iris, focus, and audio like a pro to get the highest quality video possible. Upon completion of this class, DOM members will be certified to use the advanced digital video cameras, lighting, and audio equipment available through DOM free of charge to make their own shows and films for our channels.

Class - Production For Podcasting & Radio

Open Media Foundation


Please register here: https://www.denveropenmedia.org/classes/production-podcasting-and-radio-0 Note: this class takes place over TWO nights, Wed. 8/28 and Thu. 8/29. Learn how to make an excellent-sounding recording! Whether you want to record a talk show, spoken word poetry, or a podcast, you need to have good audio. In this course, you will learn how to have the best microphone placement as well as how to use DOM’s soundboard, V.O. booth, and multi-track recorder. You will also get experience with Adobe Audition, see how to host a live recording, and more. This course is intended for beginner and intermediate-level students, but all skill levels are welcome. After taking this course, you will be certified to use the soundboard and V.O. booth at DOM!

Open Music Sessions Featuring A.J. Fullerton Band

700 Kalamath St

FREE & OPEN TO PUBLIC Join Denver Open Media for this month's Open Music Sessions, our First Friday Celebration! Free food and beverages! Starting at 7:00 pm, we will have delicious hand-tossed, deck-oven pizzas provided by Sexy Pizza! Doors open at 7pm with food and beverages! We will have delicious hand-tossed, deck-oven pizzas provided by Sexy Pizza! Open Music Sessions: A live performance video series, including comedy, music, and other performances, shot from several angles on high quality HD studio cameras and recorded by audio engineers in the Denver Open Media Studio at 700 Kalamath Street. Open Music Sessions is a collaboration between the Open Media Foundation and Denver Open Media with support from the Bohemian Foundation and Denver Arts and Venues, using shared technical resources, communications prowess and, most importantly, passion for Denver music to produce musical and cultural events for the community. Live at 8pm - (Doors open at 7pm) Denver Open Media - Studio A 700 Kalamath St, Denver, CO Webstream - denveropenmedia.org/livestream_57 Cablecast - Denver Comcast Channel 57 Special thanks to our Sponsors: Bohemian Foundation Denver Arts and Venues Sexy Pizza Crazy Mountain Renegade Intrepid Sojourner

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