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For people in the Boulder/greater Denver area. Eat Primal? On a Paleo Template? Enjoy meat? Eggs? Fish? Veggies? Those avoiding gluten, grains, legumes, sugar and other processed pseudo-food are often looked at like you have three heads when you talk about eating "Paleo" or being a "Primal" eater. People think you carry a club and wear a bone in your nose and that you throw a spear at your dinner. While some might, this isn't about a reenactment, it's about eating the food. Honest to goodness healthy, nutrient dense food. Hunt and gather with the Denver Paleo meetup.com group so you can socialize with like-minded folks who wont question why you say "no thanks" to a cheese pizza.... and rejoice when you are brought a plate with a grass-fed burger on a lettuce leaf.

This group is for the community. If you have an idea for a Meetup or want to tell people about an interesting paleo related event happening in northern Colorado, 'suggest an event' on the Meetup page and we will announce it to the group.

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Paleo Potluck

Tess's house

Fall wine dinner at Blooming Beets

Blooming Beets

Colorado Spring Paleo Pop Up

crossfit 719

AHS16 Video Viewing + Potluck

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