Past Meetup

Children of the Mists (Pathfinder)

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The Talus Oricht. A school where the most primordial magic the Living Races know was once taught - A place of puzzles, teachings and secrets. Why has the ship brought you here? What could have ended it's inhabitants? Through these halls many feet have taken the first steps on the road to enlightenment, can you?


Game starts at 1:00p, players are welcome to show up starting at Noon.

We have leveled! Bring your characters up to level 2, please. We'll be setting aside some time at the beginning of the session for people who need help levelling up.

(This Meetup is for a campaign in session. Unless you are one of my regular players in this game, or I've explicitly given you approval to join up, please do not RSVP - it will block out one of my players, and I will drop you.)