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Off Topic-Colorado Irish Festival (seeking volunteers)


"The Colorado Irish Festival commemorates its 19th Anniversary this July and it promises to be the best Fest ever! Held in the heather of Clement Park in Littleton, with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountain Highlands, the Colorado Irish Festival celebrates all that is Green. This eclectic gathering of tens of thousands is known throughout the west for its outrageous display of kilts and bagpipes; Gaelic sports and Irish step dancing; and the best Irish rock and classic music this side of the Emerald Isle. This year an incomparable line-up of over 20 bands and musicians will be playing all weekend, including internationally heralded Gaelic Storm, The Elders, Seven Nations, and The Fighting Jamesons. If you thought St. Patty’s was fun, imagine 3 days of non-stop celebration. So, pack-up your sweetheart, the kids and all your friends and come spend a very special weekend with us. At $15 a ticket, it’s cheaper than a pop in the Pub!" (

A good friend and Rocky Mountain Savage is coordinating the volunteers for the festival and could use your help or the help of students you know (age 16+). You get to pick your own shifts July 12-14 and enjoy being at the festival as well.

Register to volunteer here:

I'm not sure yet if there will be a meetup yet or not, but I wanted to help out the "Savage Mommy" by cross promoting.

Thanks and enjoy being Irish (at least for a weekend)