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Colonial Defense Forces: Phoenix Rising

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(Sorry about the late posting, thought I had this on a repeat...)

Episode 1: The Invasion of Phoenix

Act 1, Scene 4 - The Shelter

Our little training squad has knocked down a 100m wide chunk of the city, gotten a herd of hapless civilians out of danger and into the hands of the local Militia garrison, and helped them turn their base into a death trap for a few thousand Formics.

Now they're faced with the dilemma of how to go about saving an emergency shelter - one filled with unknown civilians, supplies and a connection into the shielded hardline communications network.

How long will our intrepid trainees have to hold out until reinforcements arrive? What new enemies will they find as they get deeper into the heart of the city? And where have all the CDF gone?

RSVPs from last game have first priority on spots, but we've still got a couple open, so if it sounds fun, join the fight!