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Savage Worlds: X-Men(Saturdays@TEG)

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The world is engulfed with fear, not of nuclear war or terrorism... but of mutants. Born with an abnormal gene, these seemingly normal individuals have developed unique gifts, some even hold the keys to frightening powers that shake the very foundation of life. Recently, many of the speakers for mutant rights have disappeared, and with them the public opinion of the decency of mutants. The news channels are littered with scenes of this new generation, some doing good but with most the focus on the bad. Protests against mutants has began to rise and anyone with a known mutation is in danger.
For whatever reason your gifts were exposed, be it because of an act of kindness, indecency, or your abilities emerging without knowledge of how to control them. For the sake of yourself or your family, when the representative for Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning approached you and offered you a safe haven, you accepted.
We begin the story as you are arriving to the school via charter bus. Your first day and more than likely your first experience with other mutant kind. Be your age at 6 or 90, you are all part of the next wave of students. You have left your former life behind, taking what little you could to remember it.
This day begins your new life and it is up to you on how to see it threw.

Welcome and thanks for checking out the post for my SW:X-Men campaign. Here you can signup to be apart of our game. If you're new to our campaign welcome, we're happy to have you apart of it. If you'd like to build your own character feel free, if you'd like to use one of the prebuilt class members thats fine too.
This is the signup for Saturday, July 20th. We'll begin our game at 4pm at Total Escape Games. If you'd like to attend please either comment below or email me. Thank you and I hope to see you there.

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