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GURPS Zombieland Year 2038

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The year is 2023. 10 years ago the world experienced a rash of zombie infestations. Some were harmless and some just tried to kill everyone. They popped out of everywhere. These days researchers have large amounts of information about zombies. You are a group of trappers, hunters and researchers assembled by CUR to seek out and capture some of these decrepit bipeds and bring them in for more study. CUR (Commission for Undead Research) is a new secret government agency sanctioned by only the top government officials and members of the CZL (Combat Zombie League) determined to use these undead for more constructive purposes and eliminate those that are harmful and dangerous. The possibility exists also that there are some renegade groups out there that want to use the zombies for other means. You are to deter or otherwise disassemble these groups by any means necessary when encountered.