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D&D Next: Legacy of the Crystal Shard Encounters season

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NOTE: We had 6 players, so please RSVP so we can get another DM if we need one.

D&D Next: Evil Stirs in Icewind Dale.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard is a Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game adventure that can be played using the rules for 3rd Edition (v.3.5), 4th Edition, and the D&D Next playtest. (At least one game at Adventurer's Quarter will be run as D&D Next)

The people of Icewind Dale have long stood against the perils of the North. For most of these folk, the events that shook the region a hundred years ago are now distantvmemories. But what was defeated was not destroyed. Now, as evil forces converge on Ten Towns, the people of the North face their greatest trial yet. Fortunately, they won’t have to face it alone.

Legacy of the Crystal Shard allows characters to continue to participate in important events connected to the Sundering and glimpse the future of the Forgotten Realms.

We have pregens or create a 1st level D&D Next character.