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This is the game that started it all (well maybe just this Meetup). If you like magic items GREAT! Unfortunately you'll probably have to get it off the big guy standing in the corner tapping his broad sword. Who knows though, he might be willing to give it up if you just talk him ... or maybe just look the other way...

This is a very open game primarily focused on role playing. We will be playing advanced characters of mid to high level in a home brew D&D 2E setting. New players are welcome but I am not sure that this is a game for beginners. So, while a knowledge of my game world would be helpful, it is not required. However, a firm understanding of role playing games and how to play, as well as what you can get away with, lol, IS.

Players will have to make characters when you show up, we have a bunch of house rules and its just easier, for me to be there to help flesh them out for my world.

Really all you need to bring is your dice and 2E players hand book. Oh and don't forget your willingness to have fun and ROLE play.

Please note that this game has a wait-list (as of Jan 2014) and RSVP priority will be given to the following players: Jason (event host), Jon (Lord of Devil Duckies), Wendy, Nathan, Noel, and Jamel. If you are interested in joining this group, please inquire by first by posting a comment on the event page, we have a few people on the wait-list and are exploring interest to fill a couple of open spaces.



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