Canceled Meetup

GURPS Arabian Nights

Hosted by Jeff C.
From The Denver RPG Group


New setting for the GURPS. We are playing in the spirit of historical Arabia meets Sinbad the Sailor. Treasure, creatures, magic, and even a djinn or two. Come down and play. We have a nomad already and room for more. One of each of the following types of characters are available: magic caster, psionic, hero, and a few sailors. Many other types of characters are available.

A traveler appears in a village with an amazing story of adventure then disappears into the night. As visitors you over hear parts of the story and tell of a map. There are riches to be plundered and notability to be gained. Travel will not be easy nor simple however and a large vessel will take anyone as far as the islands to get close to their destination. Many dangers lurk about and evils to encounter. Are you up for adventure? You could find the treasure, the lamp, or the wizard....or even all of the above.