Past Meetup

GURPS Wastelands Deathrace 2025


New setting for the GURPS and the previous game is scrapped.

The Great Race is the best any criminal can hope for freedom.

You are a criminal, either at large or newly incarcerated, and always have your eyes and ears peeled for grand opportunities. The dreams of far away islands, being the big boss, or just an extended hiatus with a new identity.

The world has written off Australia to big corporations and institutions after a corrupted government sent missile strikes around the planet to knock out all the rest of the missile bases. They almost succeeded with the exception of two sites, one in the USA and one in England. both bases managed to launch against the origin of the strike and the result was a massive crater about the size of Dallas. Ayers Rock, which was once a natural phenomenon, is now the world's largest water reservoir, slowly filling up with water from rains and seasonal run-off. The new resort village of Ayers Lake has grown slowly in population to currently 7951 and the wealthiest of people enjoy it's fine benefits. This is also the location of the new Australian Board of Directors, a private government organization created from the corporations currently invested in the continent. The only institution which deals directly with outside governments is Sydney Prison Association, which houses the largest prisoner population in the world. It collects highly dangerous offenders from every country. The minor offenders are kept temporarily in local jails.

The Great Race was produced to give the Sydney population a chance to compete for freedom and a large purse with which to 'retire' anywhere they choose. Come join this game event and compete against fictional racers and each other! Have fun!