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Jusaad: Shadows of a Plague (4e D&D)


What happens when a world of dreams... of magic... of heroes... falls into a nightmare to which there is no escape. Will you die a hero or survive as a villain? At every turn there is suffering, cries calling for you help. Will you seize this opportunity to save or plunder? Risk your life or play it safe?

The world of Jusaad was once a beautiful and magically rich place. But when a plague swept through the lands and caused the dead to rise, the magic to fail, and the heroes to faultier, the vast wealth of the world changed from those that had gold and magic to the hands of those who had water and food.

Just four months after the first victims of the plague were reported and world huddles in the corner, hiding behind walls from the ravaging wilds.

But there is hope... whispers... rumors of a place still embraced by magic, a town called Haven. As proof of this place circulates throughout the worn out towns of the world a select few stand up to embrace the possibility of this 'Haven' and begin making plans to reach it.


The world of Jusaad (Ja Sod) is a survive adventure game set in the 4th edition D&D ruleset. It is a creation developed from many elements and offers a unique, rich, and dangerous world filled with good and evil people who are all trying to survive a new plague.

The plague, known as the Reaping, is a highly adaptable disease capable of infecting any living tissue. A single scratch in this world left unattended can result in the creature becoming infected. Those who have been infected step through a horrific series of transformations, each step the infection intensifies, culminating in the creatures rebirth into a being known as a Reaper. The Reapers are clever, patient, and intelligent.. their singular purpose is to infect others. They do not sleep, they do not eat... they are the shadows that surround this world...