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Shaintar: Justice and Life (Savage Worlds)


Following the events of Conclave of Gamers (2014), Grayson's Grey Rangers establish an Outpost in the liberated goblinesh gather of Sog. Now they fight constantly against the Prelacy's attempt to retake the town, as well as struggling to uncover plots by the Malakar Dominion, the nation of Shaya'Nor, and far more insidious enemies.

This is the central game for the Denver area's part in the Justice and Life globally shared campaign, a 'living campaign' like nothing you've ever experienced before, where your character lives in and affects the published continuity. You can build your own character (using the Shaintar: Legends Arise Player's Guide and the core Savage Worlds Deluxe rules), or use one of the many cool pre-gens I'll have on hand. I am making plans to have both Shaintar: Legends Arise and Shaintar: Legends Unleashed available for sale at Total Escape soon.

This will be an 'open cast' game, but the max I'll have at any table will be seven players. I plan on allowing five seats to be reserved; two will be held open for day-of walk-ins. You can contact me to reserve a seat for any given night ([masked]), or show up and take an available seat if there is one. I will use the Shaintar: Justice and Life Facebook group (as well as the Total Escape Games FB page) to let folks know if there are no seats available for a given Monday game due to pre-booking.