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I realized it was high time to update this description, so here it is.

Monday Night Savages (called that because, when we started, it was mostly Savage Worlds games we had going) has evolved into all kinds of different games being run. We have numerous GMs, thankfully, and we have them rotating on an every-two-week basis. This means a given campaign or short series will run every other Monday for a while, while the opposite Mondays will feature a different set of games.

Your best bet to find out what games are in the rotation is to join our Facebook group. Let me (Sean Patrick Fannon) know on FB that you'd like in on that group. That's also a great group to talk about games you'd like to run or see someone run.

Prior to each Monday, the proposed games will be listed in the Conversation section below this announcement section; make sure you indicate your game choice below when it's posted.