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Hello my name is Ty and I’m a new DM but I’m borrowing a friends game. I played it for close to a year as a player and I thought it would be fun to recreate as a DM.

The word is made up of 7 shells and each shell is a world onto itself. On the top shell Vimia is a paradise and filled with technological marvels where life is made easy by Magi-tech. Magi-tech is Technology’s answer to magic. While the people of the first shell feel that they are enlightened they also suffer from a superiority complex and feel over privileged they often take slaves from other shells for entertainment purposes feeling that they are providing a better life for lower life forms while bring themselves pleasure.

This is where you come in. After a bright light you find yourself captured and collared in prison waiting to be told what your future holds but you are not alone you. In the clean well lit cell that smells of perfume you see that there are strangers around you, some of them races you never seen before. You must find a way to escape not only this room but this shell.

A little bit about the other shells you might visit.

Shell Two: Aehox is your standard land of D&D lots of magic, adventure, and fantasy.
Shell Three: Zeahesh is the Arabian nights land of desert with sultans, bandits, and sand everywhere.
Shell Four: Daislun is a toxic waste land filled with outlaws, scavengers and trash from the first shell.
Shell Five: Vazea is a cold hard land of war. Honor and Blood is the code of these lands.
Shell Six: Idrend not so much land as is the vast Ocean with huge ships, some swampland, and who knows under the ocean waves.
Shell Seven: Ocras little is known about this shell because it is in perpetual darkness. The one thing that almost everyone agrees on is that you should be afraid of the darkness.

Characters are now level 4, using the point buy system for stats, and with max health for the first 3 levels then high average every level after (d6 = 4 d8 = 5 d10 = 6 and d12 = 7 + con modifier).

Message me with what you’re planning on playing.