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Shadowrun 4th - Horizons Unlimited

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Shadowrun Meetup The Setting

The year is 2072. Advances in technology are astonishing, with humans able to blend with computers and travel through the virtual reality known as the Matrix. No longer mere flesh, many humans have turned to artificial enhancements called cyberware to become more than human. Together, these technological innovations have made modern man stronger, faster and smarter than ever before. But even more astonishing is the return of magic to the world. Elves, dwarves, dragons, orks and trolls have reassumed their true forms, and spells and spirits serve those with the talent for controlling this legendary force. The balance of power has shifted, too; megacorporations (rather than political superpowers) now rule much of the world.

Moving through this world like whispers in the night are the shadowrunners. Though they can't be found on any database and no one publicly admits their existence, they are a reality in 2072, for no one else can do their secret work.

Shadowrunners do the jobs that are too dirty for corporations to do themselves, too hopeless for legitimate investigators or too dangerous for anyone less determined. They steal data, retrieve magical relics, "transfer" personnel and other assets from one megacorporation to another, assassinate inconvenient rivals, start and end wars, guard property and employees - anything that some fat cat or corporate suit is willing to pay to have done. Sometimes, shadowrunners even change the world for the better.

Most shadowrunners work in teams with other runners who possess a variety of unique and valuable skills. In fact, the more diverse the team, the better their chances for success, because no run ever comes off as planned. Shadowrunners face infinite obstacles when they set out to fulfill a contract: the competition and opposition always fight harder than expected, and there's always a better-than-average chance that they'll be double-crossed by their employer.

That's life in the shadows.

Game: Shadowrun 4A (the 20th Anniversary ruleset or 4th + errata if you don't have the current book) plus all attendant rule books. I have them all.

Restrictions: No Technomancers. No odd creature combinations; no Centaurs, fairies, or Dragons for instance. If you're not sure, check with me.

Players: We have a core group of players; Jon, Wendy, Brian, David, and Toby (possibly Mike). There is space for up to two additional players and we can sneak a third one in but it'll be tight. I expect the core group all the time so even if they didn't RSVP, there are open slots for them. Outside of the 5 reserved slots, you are welcome to come on by.

Characters: If you're going to generate one before coming, please make sure you've contacted me with the character information so I can approve. I'm generally not going to have a problem. Use standard RAW (Rules As Written) standard point buy, either build or karma points. Once completed, add another 200 karma.

Adventure: We started off with the freely available Denver Missions. We've run through the official New York Missions. Now we're starting off on the new Horizon's Adventure.


* Characters or copies are left with me. I don't lose them, although I did misplace a couple recently but they were eventually found (sorry Jon and Wendy).

* Bring plenty of d6. Most folks don't much like to share :)

* We do use iPads to plan missions. Feel free to bring a tablet if you have one. There'll be a use for it :)

* I'm using Meetup to manage the games. Please RSVP to note if you're coming or not. If I see only two players (three including me), I'll send out an e-mail reminder. If it's still just two, I'll cancel the game.

* Check the Meetup site before leaving in case it is canceled, game site has changed, or time has changed. I'd hate for you to come only to find out at the site that the game was changed for one reason or another.

See you there!