Past Meetup

Children of the Mists (Pathfinder)

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You've taken up residence - more or less willingly - on a mysterious ship, apparently captained by a gnome, but with a mind of it's own. After a short stop to resupply and do some light research at a Dwarven hold, the ship takes off again into the mists...

What to bring:
- Pencil
- Charactersheet
- Dice

Pizza! Let us know what your topping preference/dietary restrictions are in the comments.

Alternating Sundays, players are welcome to arrive starting at noon, and play should begin around 1p.

Feel free to comment with questions!

(This meetup is for a campaign currently underway and should not be joined, except by players who were present for the roll-up session or have spoken to my ADM or I about joining, Thank you.)