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What we're about

Shamanism is a tool of the community. Through the use of conscious journeying we can better heal ourselves, support our communities and offer prayers of enlightenment to Gaia and her inhabitants. Each month we join to gather in sacred space to deepen our relationship with the worlds of Earth and Spirit.

This feels an important time of transformation and our collective efforts can ease the shifts occurring on our planet now.

Join us to celebrate your own process and gain tools to move into spaces of deeper faith and connection to the invisible world around us.


Sacred Space and Creating Ceremony

Each gathering will be an invocation of sacred space. We hold ceremony to call upon the assistance of our loving Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Galactic Brethren.

Respect to one another and yourself will be expected. This is a sacred gathering and as such all will be safe to explore the inner realms to better connect with your internal wisdom.


Drum Circle

To close each gathering, we will lift our drums together to thank Spirit and send our collective intentions of a more loving, peaceful, and tolerant world.


To Participate Fully

Presence and an open heart are required to enter these realms. To respect the sanctity of our space, no cell phones will be permitted once the circle has opened. This is a time of resence in communion with Spirit, honor it and it will honor you.

Please also bring:

- a journal to capture your experiences

- water or tea in an enclosed container

- a drum or rattle if you have one

- an eye covering if you like to go deep

- floor seating if you like to sprawl/ nest

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