National "Day of Action"--Stand Up for Rabbits!

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Whole Foods has begun slaughtering and selling rabbits for human consumption in some of their stores outside Colorado. A nationwide "Day of Action" is planned for August 17 so that people who care about rabbits can educate Whole Foods' customers about this and seek their support in getting Whole Foods to reverse its decision to sell rabbit meat. The event is sponsored nationally by the House Rabbit Society and locally by the Colorado House Rabbit Society. (See

Join us to inform customers of Whole Foods’ decision, let them know what wonderful animals rabbits are, remind them how popular rabbits are as pets, and let them know that the company’s “humane standards” in terms of how the rabbits are being raised and killed are really just greenwashing PR. Your ultimate goal is to encourage these customers to walk into the store, and fill out a comment card expressing their concerns, and to also, if possible, talk directly to the store’s management.

Why are we focusing on rabbits when Whole Foods sells lots of other animals' flesh? For two reasons: 1) Because rabbits are not commonly eaten in mainstream America, selling rabbit meat means Whole Foods is expanding the number of species presented as acceptable to kill and eat. Whole Foods' products are generally considered prestigious, so adding rabbits' flesh to the menu makes it appear to be a fashionable "must have" for in-the-know foodies. 2) Unlike other animals killed for meat, rabbits are widely kept as pets, so eating them is a cruel betrayal of that relationship. They are commonly viewed as cute and cuddly, and are portrayed sympathetically as main characters in countless children's stories. Now instead of caring for them, suddenly we turn on them, kill and eat them? What's next--selling other pets as food, perhaps puppy or horse meat? We need to make our voices heard!

You may want to arrive earlier or stay later. This Day of Action educational leafletting event will begin at 11:00, and some people may stay later than 2:00. We have set the time for our meetup from 12:30 - 2:00 because that's when we know Denver Vegans members will be there to greet you.

Come out and show some bunny love!