What we're about

Connect with subject matter experts, small business owners, and leaders ready to step into the spotlight virtually. This group combines targeted instruction with a safe space to practice and rehearse.

Through educational presentations, group activities, and on-the-spot coaching we will build the skills to support getting our message effectively out in the world.

You will leave feeling motivated, inspired, and fortified with practical skills you can use to become a more polished and powerful virtual presenter.

And, best of all, you won't lose your personal style or feel as if you are expected to look and sound like someone you are not!

The Practice Group Format Is Easy and Effective

Our introvert-friendly process will help you build tools for managing the flow of a virtual presentation, strengthening your voice, looking and feeling more relaxed when you present, and organizing your content so that audiences find you more engaging and easier to follow.

Each meeting follows a simple process:

1) We begin with 5 minutes of open networking so you can say hello to your fellow presenters and get comfortable.

2) Together we will increase our skill-set by focusing on one specific technique related to presenting virutally. We will combine lecture and discussion with a group activity or partner activity to help us get the new skill into our body memory, rather than just letting it exist in our heads as just another theory about something we "should do."

3) Finally, attendees who wish to do so will have the opportunity to put their names into a hat, and we will draw five names to each do a 5-minute talk for the group. We will follow each presentation with personalized spot coaching to group members polish their delivery.

During the entire meeting, we will focus on helping you find an authentic, modern approach for connecting with audiences.

We won't be counting how many times you say "um" or encouraging you to stand behind a podium and deliver a speech by rote. Instead, you will learn to connect with the best parts of yourself and genuinely share your gifts with audiences in a relaxed and engaging way.

The Virtual Speak-Easy Practice Group is Facilitated by Mari Geasair

Mari is a public speaker, virtual presenter, author, and instructor who has been helping entrepreneurs and business professionals step into the spotlight and shine for the last 20 years.

What Participants Have To Say:

After 28 years of law practice, I am very skilled at making persuasive pitches to judges and jurys in person. But talking to a camera or a computer screen is WAY different!! Mari has made that transition to "virtual presentations" very easy - very doable for me. She has an amazing way of teaching how to be personable to an inanimate object. Trust her knowledge and experience. Can't imagine there is anyone better than Mari at helping people be their very best online. --- Jan Cleveland, Business Attorney

Recently I was introduced, VIRTUALLY, to the fantastic Mari Geasair. At first, I was disappointed that the experience was going to be virtual. I had heard incredible things about her live workshops and training. So I was very much looking forward to the live experience. I didn’t want a lesser Virtual Presentation experience. Oh, Buddy, was I being short-sighted. Having Mari teach virtually was a gift! Let’s face it; this is the world we are in for a while. Regardless, our future will be a combination of increased online presence and hopefully, live interactions. Getting three hours with Mari was a gift! She masterfully dissected the pros and areas of improvements in our diverse group of future speakers. She did it with kindness and professionalism that makes you want to get better and succeed, and believe that you can do so! I walked away from the session blow away. Two days later, and I am still flowing with inspiration and ideas. I am halfway through a 9-month program, and by far, Mari was the highlight. It was not just her coaching, but watching her in action was a masterclass in itself. She brought things out in me that have been dormant far too long. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself and that I can move forward with my ideas. The best thank-you I can offer Mari is going out and putting what I learned into practice. If you need to speak to anyone in your life – Friends, Family, or for work, do yourself a favor and connect with Mari. You will be amazed at the YOU that shows up on the other side. --- Joe Trey, Writer, Trainer, Coach

Working on public speaking is one of the most helpful things I have done both personally and professionally. It has helped me move toward my personal goal to find my voice, step into myself and stop hiding. I had no idea that speech coaching would activate this process as deeply as it has, but I am grateful for the process. Mari’s work has invited me to become fully embodied and step into myself. She has been encouraging, steady and full of specific and helpful insight. This is exactly the growth I need to be doing and I am seeing great results. --- Erin Linehan The Kali Institute

Mari has been amazingly helpful to me. For a long time, I felt I had to master every fact, anticipate every question, and be ready with water-tight answers before I could squeak my voice out there. No more. Of course, I must do the research and be clear with my points. But now I know, I need not be afraid. I trust that I have a valuable perspective to share. ---Em Brott My Family Services

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RISE Collaborative Workspace

Speak-Easy Masterclass

RISE Collaborative Workspace

Speak-Easy Masterclass

RISE Collaborative Workspace

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