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This group is specifically focused on raising personal consciousness, cosmic and sacred sound baths, breathwork, yin/restorative yoga, plant ceremonies, rituals, and deep transformative healing work.

* Because of the use of sound and vibration therapy, this group may not be suitable for children, first and last trimester of pregnancy, or persons with sensitivities to intense vibrations and sounds.

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15 Day Taoist Healing Challenge - Meditation, Qigong, Astrology & Chakra Cleanse

This is a 15-Day Online (Zoom) Healing Meditation, Qigong & Chakra Cleanse starting Jan 17th through Jan 31st, 2022. It's an Immersion to go deeper! This immersion of energy work can create true healing, for the mind, body & spirit. This 15-day process is rooted in the 8 branches of Chinese medicine. We will be working with the first 4 branches of Chinese medicine during this challenge for maximum healing and self-growth. It's a Meditative Way Out Of Negative Thinking, Anxiety, Depression While Developing Your Intuition & Creating A Path To Your Higher Self.

We will start on the Full moon to the New Moon for maximum healing. We will work together for 15 consecutive days for a deeper Immersion to heal mind, body, and spirit. We are here to create our best life.

I will be working with you these next 15 days to unravel life-long patterns stored in your body. The healing energies that come through penetrate and can unravel layers of pain, anxiety, trauma, and fear that are creating limitations in your life. We are responsible for our own healing and well-being. I do not heal you. I help facilitate you in your own healing process. You may experience tingling, emotional releases, goosebumps, and energy surges as the original traumas slowly let go on a deep level.
They are replaced with new feelings of love, compassion, connection, freedom, and possibility. This is a life-changing transformational process of working with the Dan tian energy that the Chinese have used in the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

What is included in this challenge:
My videos on Understanding Chakras, Brocades, Breathwork,
Mudras, The Dan tian, Guided Meditation Videos, and much more!

Schedule For The Next 15 Days:
Every Morning, Monday Thur Friday: 6:30 am to 7:45 am - For Two Weeks
9-minute meditation - 16 minutes of Mudra Meditation - 5 minutes of breath work & 25 minutes Qigong, 15 Minutes Chakra work - Included in this schedule I will share guided wisdom on understanding Taoism, Astrology, and the Flow of energy inside all of us! I do guide and chat when needed. Early morning is the best time energetically to meditate. The Chinese knew mornings are the most healing. When we come from sleep to meditation, our minds are clear and ready for maximum healing energy.

Evening Schedule (on your own)
Every Night For 15 Days
Have a journal and write down something you are grateful for.
We will talk about what you are grateful for on Saturday & Sunday.

Every Saturday & Sunday, from 7:30, am to 9:30 am
Morning Meditation & Mudras
Open Discussion on charka cleanse and your astrological chart.
This will be an open discussion on the Chakras we are working on that week - What did you experience? What came up? Blockages? Discussion on your astrological chart and where the soul wants to go in this life.
I will give intuitive insights to people and help them work through their energy or blockages. These are very powerful and perhaps the most important days. We come together to discuss and open up about our experiences. I will be doing this chakra cleanse with you. I will be completely vulnerable with you and share what pops up for me as well. Have a journal ready.

Optional Vegan Days - Jan 17th and Jan 31st, 2022
The Chinese knew that everything is connected mind, body & spirit. When we work on all three, true healing can happen. These Vegan days are optional but highly encouraged. These are heightened days energetically, so it's a great time to cleanse the body.

Price $153.00
Questions text[masked] or email me at - [masked]

I can only have a limited amount of people attend this healing challenge, due to the healing and concentration I give to each person. If interested please RSVP now to reserve your space.

"Only when we are brave enough to explore our darkness can we experience the infinite power of our light."

Much Love,

Clearing Codes of Fear, Guilt & Shame with Sound Medicine Journey

Green Light Reiki


We will be using a powerful meditative healing technique, Resonance Alchemy, to clear codes of fear, guilt and shame that are embedded in our subconscious, superconscious, unconscious mind and DNA. After we have cleared these codes, we will immerse ourselves and clear that which no longer serves us with the powerful vibrations of the earth day gong, rattles, and shamanic drumming

All blankets, mats, and bolsters are provided, though you can bring your own if you choose.

Please bring water with you and any small objects like crystals and journals that you would like to receive a clearing and balancing.

Please allow plenty of time to arrive and set up, we will lock the doors in order to create our medicine space and will start promptly at the start time, no refunds for late arrivals or no shows.

*Please note that the sounds can be intense at times in case you are sensitive to sound or vibration.
*We use an abundance of sacred smoke through burning resins and so if you are sensitive to scents or smoke it is not advised to attend

Restorative Yoga infused with Reiki & Sound Medicine Journey with David

Green Light Reiki


Come enjoy a 90 minute Restorative class to release the deep tension, while cultivating a higher self-awareness, both physically and energetically. This class is infused with reiki and sound to balance our energy from our outer auric body, down to our physical. Experience a variety of gongs, sound bowls, chimes, and healing songs to help you connect deeper into your body, mind, and spirit. All props, mats, blankets, bolsters and blocks, are provided, but feel free to bring anything that would make you more comfortable.

Gemstone Bowl Sound Healing and Cacao Ceremony - With Meghan

Green Light Reiki


Allow your heart to awaken and your soul to speak as we go on a meditative gemstone crystal sound journey into the center of your heart. There is much wisdom to be discovered here. The journey will consist of conscious consumption of ceremonial grade Cacao which is infused with chaga mushrooms, maca root, and cayenne. It is prepared with coconut milk and a hint of medicinal honey or pure maple syrup. You be guided on a mystical journey into your center to discover truths that wish to be revealed. Come with an intention and leave with a clear heart full of divine guidance.

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