April meetup

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Hello Everyone!

We have our schedule for the April meetup sorted out!

Our speakers for April are going to be Joanne Cheng and Bree Thomas.

Joanne Cheng is an experienced developer who thinks a lot about data visualization, best practices in Object-oriented programming, and web standards. When she's not happily writing code at thoughtbot, she can be found exploring the mountains of Colorado or experimenting with creative programming projects.

Bree Thomas (@BreeThomas33) is a Developer at iTriage, and a recent graduate of gSchool by Jumpstartlab. She has a background in Brand Strategy/Marketing and blogs about experiences in both development and marketing at: http://www.nooblife.com/ and http://www.thebratblog.com/

The beginner track will be an "Intro to debugging".

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Big thanks to our sponsors: Pivotal Labs, thoughtbot, and gSchool

Note: Pizza will not be served until 7. If you can't wait till then please bring a snack from home to have before hand. :)


6:30 - 7:15 - meet and greet for everyone not interested in the beginner track. Out in the cafe only. The beginner track will be happening at the same time so please stay in the cafe if you are not in the beginner track to keep from disturbing everyone.

6:30 - 7:00 - Beginner Track - In the Atrium - Intro to debugging

7:00 to 7:15 - Pizza served. Meet and greet for those in the beginner track and regular.

7:15 to 7:30 - announcements

7:30 to 8:00 - Joanne Cheng - "Beyond the bar graph: Creative Visualization with D3.js"

8:00 to 8:05 - speaker switch/lightning talk setup

8:05 to 8:35 - Bree Thomas - "Branding for Open Source Success"

8:35 to 8:45 - closing/feedback

8:45 to 9:00 - cleanup / finish bar tab if still open.


Beyond the bar graph: Creative Visualization with D3.js:

Turning set of numbers into a simple graph can instantly tell us a story about data, but there are times when a standard graph isn't enough. Sometimes we need to search for untradtional and creative ways to visualize our data to express our story. In this talk, we'll explore less common and unique ways of visualizing data sets on the web using D3.js, a flexible way to manipulate DOM elements using data. We'll discuss the reasoning behind the graphics we create, and talk about the benefits and pitfalls of working with D3.js from design and technical viewpoints.

Branding for Open Source Success:


If you build it, they might come. We all want our open source projects to be widely adopted, but competition in the open source landscape is fierce. Reaching levels of notoriety and adoption akin to the likes of Linux, Rails, or WordPress is increasingly challenging amongst today's volume of seemingly never-ending options. How do you differentiate in a way that is meaningful? It's really about building a 'who', not just a 'what'.


In this talk we'll explore:

+ Four up-and-coming open source libraries that are doing it right, working to identify commonalities in their approach to brand, content and marketing communications.

+ Some brilliant basics for establishing a communication approach for an open source project of any size/nature, so that it is clear, concise and easy to talk about.

+ Building an identity for your project with a personality

+ Going beyond what it does and focus on 'why' you do it

+ Brand and cultural considerations to keep in mind as the project grows, and new voices become contributors and maintainers.

With just a bit of planning and effort, building a 'who', not just a 'what', anyopen source library can foster a community.