What we're about

This Entrepreneur Mastermind group is for entrepreneurs and leaders that are driven to take their game (business, mindset, health and relationships) to the next level. Some of the key benefits of joining the Mastermind are:

-Community and support of like minded, positive people
-Unique perspectives
-Ability to serve
-Ability to work "on" your business instead of just "in" your business
-Accumulated experience and ideas of all members
-Network with other driven people

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Colorado Mastermind's: Ultimate Workshop!

Serendipity Labs

Greenwood Village Mastermind - Ultimate Workshops These are in depth, hands on, instructor led workshops designed to send you home with new skills, abilities, or mindsets that will move your project forward immediately More Details Coming Soon!

Workshop to Kickstart Your Business, in 8 Hours, No Matter How 'STUCK' You Are!

-->This event is expertly crafted to move you out of information overload, a cluttered and hectic schedule, and that crushing feeling of isolation and loneliness so many of us feel... --> It's designed to move you into a step-by-step system created to get your business running today, putting you back in control of your time and income, all while being part of a supportive community doing the same. -->All this in 8 hours or less... More info at www.bit.ly/KickStartWorkshop This is only for you, if you're willing to play full out, be coachable, push your limiting beliefs, have fun, and connect with your peers. If you can do these five things, this event is a perfect fit for you. This is for you, if you have a passion and you're ready to turn it into a sustainable income. Whether you're just in the idea stage and need the map, or if you're already creating revenue but know you're worth more, not only will you leave with the exact blueprint for success, but you will also take multiple action steps forward! This is for you if you, even if you don't yet know what you want to do, but you desperately know there is a message inside of you that needs to be shared with the world. If you're passionate about changing your community in a positive way and just need the tools and the system to do it, join us today. This is NOT for anyone whose only measuring stick to success is money. This is a group of people who all see a bigger vision and are on a mission to make a positive impact in the world leaving a heart centered legacy for generations to come. Your Business Blueprint: The exact tools, steps, resources, and plans to get your business from Idea to Income. You will leave with everything you need and some will even have their first sale! Your Biggest Breakthrough: We are going to take your largest roadblock, obstacle, or challenge stopping you from getting your message out and overcome it. You have an entire group with more resources than you can imagine here to get you past whatever is holding you back. Time, money, creativity, direction, mindset, technology, it doesn't matter, I guarantee you will have the path for this to get handled by the end of the day or your money back. Social Media Coaching: Coaches and workshops available to help get rid of all of the confusion around Facebook Pages and Groups, Instagram, Youtube and more: Let's make social media easy again! "Selling" Your Idea: If you're on this page I'm sure you're so passionate about your idea you know it would be detrimental to the world to keep it to yourself. This is how to create an irresistible offer and engage your community into action. We can't help others unless they see the value. Come learn this incredible skill taught by one of the best! Productivity Coaching: Free up your time, prioritize and lets make sure we can stay focused to get his done. If you don't have time to get your message to the world everyone suffers. Don't look back at the end of your life and wish you'd shared more with the world. The best community in Colorado: It's possible we haven't yet met, but because you're on this page, I truly believe you have a beautiful message inside of you, so let's work together to help you share it with the world! Colorado Mastermind has spent years putting together the best resources, tools, coaches, trainers, and experts, along with heart centered entrepreneurs to launch us forward into positive growth. Yours in success, David Bee Call/Text/Email[masked] email @DavidBee.me

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Lone Tree Mastermind: Round-Table

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