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Are you a moderate hiker who gets frustrated that you're in the back of other hiking Meetups, not because you are necessarily slow, but because you like to actually see and photograph your surroundings? Then this group is for you! Afterall, it's just as much about the journey, as it is the destination! Because who wants to hike in this beautiful state and all you're seeing is the dirt beneath your feet?!

We will take hikes to places in our great state of Colorado, mostly within a day's drive, some overnights are possible. Mostly Front Range, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Springs, and Summit County. Glenwood Springs, etc are other possibilities.

For the photography aspect, it's for all levels and all types of cameras. Point n shoots, camera phones, basic DSLR's or the big time Marks, etc. It's for your enjoyment only. Photography instruction will not be provided on most hikes. The Organizers of this group are simply hiking leaders with a passion for photography and exploring who have agreed to lead people with the same passion. However, we occasionally have organizers who are "Workshop Masters", and they will be providing photography workshops at a cost so that you can gain some good photography skills to use on our hike outings.

We will carpool for our hikes (which provide a great way to get to know your fellow hikers), and most of them will be followed by a delicious meal somewhere! We look forward to enjoying some scenery with you on the trails!


Please note our Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations are required for events with a waiting list by 12 hours before the hike, unless otherwise noted by the organizer of the hike. This will allow others who are for sure eager to go to be on the hike to have enough time to prepare.

This policy goes for those on a waitlist as well. If you have decided that you no longer desire to wait, you must change yourself from "waiting" to "not going" in order to allow others on the waitlist to move up, and eventually to "going".

All RSVP changes must be done on the event page by you. Email cancellations are not a cancellation, but a courtesy FYI backed up by your cancellation on the event page. It is too difficult to keep track of changes through various emails vs a 30-second look at the event page.

However, we are compassionate human beings. Exceptions to this policy are allowed under special circumstances with communication to the organizer of your hike.

We will always do our best to avoid cancellation of hikes, and will find ways to make them still happen. However, hikes are subject to cancellation under the following circumstances:
▪︎Weather conditions that could compromise the safety of attendees
▪︎Reasons outside of our control and we've done our best to come up with an alternative option.
▪︎Attendee sign-ups for an event are 4 people or less. If this is the case, the hike may still occur, but the hike leader has the option to not be in attendance.
▪︎Hike leader illness, family emergency, or other hardship *IF* they have unsuccessfully attempted to find another hike leader to take their place.


Ideologies of the group:
*Everyone* is welcome. This group is NOT based on any specific political party, religion/faith/non-faith, race, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. WE ARE NEUTRAL. You may become acquainted with people in the group who have strong opinions. We not only discourage those opinions on our outings, but they also do not represent The Denver Photo Hikers. Again, we are neutral. Just human beings enjoying each other in the outdoors with cameras of all types in hand. If there is ever an instance where you feel this sort of dialogue or discrimination is occurring, please report directly and only to the group's main organizer & Founder, Erin S, via email at denverphotohikers@gmail.com . If it's something that occurs outside the group, such as if you become connected with a member on Facebook, then that is outside the group and outside our control, but again- not a representation of The Denver Photo Hikers.


And back to the positive... I found this appropriate quote for our group!

"What I mean by photographing as a participant rather than observer is that I'm not only involved directly with some of the activities that I photograph, such as mountain climbing, but even when I'm not I have the philosophy that my mind and body are part of the natural world."

-Galen Rowell

About our Group Photo:

Who: Bill Bloomquist, one of our beloved Co-Organizers

Location / Hike: Chief Mountain

Date: September 5, 2012

Photographed by: James Burkett

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