Monthly DenverScript Meetup

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Every last Tuesday of the month

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6:15pm: Intro and Whats going on in JavaScript Land? (20min)

We'll be talking about new/exciting things going on in the industry. If you have something you think we should mention, feel free to tweet us @DenverScript (

6:35pm: Job Announcements

Anyone with a job opening can come up to the front and announce it to the group.

6:45pm: Shorter Presentation(8 - 10min):

How TurboFan Works: Optimizing JavaScript at Run-Time - Steve Kinney

A quick exploration of how Ignition and TurboFan take the code you wrote and optimize it for peek performance along with some common things you can do to not interfere with this process.

Steve is a senior principal engineer at Twilio SendGrid and an organizer of DinosaurJS.

7pm: Longer Presentation(20 - 30min):

React to React Native: How Hard Could It Be? - Kylie Stewart

So you know React, and now you want to build mobile interfaces for the same users. React Native shouldn't be too hard to ramp up with, given your existing React knowledge... right? You might be surprised to hear there are a few hurdles you'll need to jump through to get up and running.

Kylie Stewart is a software engineer and open source maintainer at Formidable. When she isn't behind a screen, Kylie spends her time climbing and hiking Colorado with her dog, Otis.


We'll have beer and pizza! We'll also allow people to announce any job opportunities they may have at that time so you can socialize with potential applicants.