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Tarot and Kids with Sherry Padilla

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Please join DTM member and mom Sherry Padilla for a hands-on fun evening exploring tarot for kids and with kids. You are welcomed and encouraged to bring your kids. We will answer some of the questions we all have about children learning the tarot, like how young is too young to start, are the concepts too complex for them to comprehend, and how to do readings with kids.

Children are a part of our lives, whether it be your children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, or the little girl down the street. We encounter them all the time. When children see you shuffling a deck of cards, they are always curious and love to come up and look at the pictures. And yet some professional tarot organizations, such as the Tarot Association of the British Isles, include restrictions for reading for kids as part of their code of ethics ( Sherry will share some of the reasons why she learned there is really no reason not to get kids involved and it can be a great tool for them.

Sherry will cover:

Kids and the language of Tarot--speaking their language Activities to use as learning tools, including coloring pages and card games Tips for doing readings for kids Guiding kids as they give a reading for you Kid friendly fun spreads for both kids and grown ups to use Kid protégés--great kids in history Kid friendly decks Websites for learning, teaching and activities After a fun discussion we will break up into pairs or groups and test drive some of the ideas presented, then come back together to hear how it went with the kids and the techniques talked about tonight.

Who says kids can't? If you don't give them the opportunity, you don't know what they can accomplish.

About Your Presenter

DTM member Sherry Padilla has been doing tarot in some kind of fashion for 20 years. After having children she got busy and put it aside. Now that she has jumped back in with both feet she started thinking about her kids and tarot: why was tarot never out in the open when they were around, even though she never intentionally hid it from them? Sherry realized that there was no reason why her kids couldn't get involved in her interests. Sherry is an Assistant Organizer and presenter for the Denver Tarot Meetup and leads the Tarot Social North in Broomfield. She also loves creating and crafting and her hand-crafted wares can be found on Etsy at RecklessReRuns (


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