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"Getting to know Tarot Royalty - More Than Meets the Eye" with Mo Abdelbaki

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Getting to know Tarot Royalty - More Than Meets the Eye

Tarot holds amazing secrets. One of the most carefully guarded of these secrets is the use and meaning of the Royalty cards. Using them to represent people is only scratching the surface of their true abilities. Mo’s talk will be an introduction to Royalty, their meaning and use, and he’ll offer valuable insights for Tarot enthusiasts of any and all experience.

For example, do you know which Royal rules your Venus? Which rules Asia? How can you decide timing with the Royals? How can a Royal ruin the best cards, or save the day from a dismal spread? How do Royalty interact with each other, or Major cards? What’s the mythology of the Royalty?

These questions will be answered, along with tips and techniques for getting to know the Royalty better, both intellectually and intuitively. We’ll also do some hands on work with the cards in order to get you started with your new friendship with the Royals.

This is Mo's first public sharing of information in about 15 years, so please join us for this rare opportunity to hear his wisdom and unique perspective!

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Mo Abdelbaki has been a student of Tarot for almost 50 years. Of Egyptian heritage, he’s engaged in a lifelong pursuit of metaphysical knowledge. A student of the magical arts, oracles, alchemy, and alternative thinking, Mo has been teaching and advising in the Denver Metro Area for over 35 years. Mo is also a Vedic Astrologer in addition to being a Tarot Master. Currently, Mo is in private practice, as well as being a part of the 12listen group. He has a weekly web radio show, Out of Mo’s Mind (, and writes a weekly column on metaphysical and personal growth topics in Mark’s Power Peek Newsletter, reaching several hundreds of thousands of readers per week. You can like ( him on Facebook or visit his website ( for more information.