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This group is for people that like RPG's, board and card games. We are now NOT limited to SW Denver, but are now Metro-Wide!

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Modern Supernatural Game

My house

Have you experienced strange things in your life? Do you remember an antique store trinket that just felt wrong? Do you have a lucky charm that does great things for you but maims those around you? Do you want to work for a super secret organization that deals with supernatural artifacts? Then this job is for you. Just don't get lost in the Escher vault. This is a regular Saturday game at 12pm set in the modern world of Warehouse 13 interacting with supernatural artifacts that need to be curated. If you're interested let me know. I utilize TriTac's Bureau 13 rules for the game. You just need dice, pencil, and notebook. The game is at my home, so if you're interested PM me and I'll give you address/directions. (It's in Aurora)

Rappan Athuk Reloaded(3.5) (Online, for now)

Online event

Hi Everyone, We are currently looking for more players in our weekly "tabletop" role-playing group (right now it's confined to Roll 20 online for the maps/tokens/fights and Microsoft meetings to handle the audio; thanks to Covid 19). We meetup once a week on Saturdays, from about midday/early afternoon to early/mid evening, though there's occasionally some minor variation, depending on the schedules of our players (we try to be flexible). At the moment, we're playing an ongoing campaign, mid level, that's progressing through the dungeons of Rappan Athuk. Even if you’ve never played any RPG before it’s ok. Everyone in the group is willing to teach, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience; that’s not as important as a desire to play. If you're interested in more getting campaign/character creation details (and to play of course), please send me a private message (not a comment below, that won't be sufficient). Once we get back to normal, face to face gaming I'll do a sit down meet and greet session, but for right now an audio chat will be fine (We'll set up something on Facebook or Discord or Zoom, etc . . . after you message me). Please, don't RSVP the same day as the event and expect to be in the game; I vet all our potentials ahead of time, so they're a good fit and also so they can familiarize themselves with the details of the campaign and have a character ready to go on game day. That way no one is waiting on the new guy to finish up his character. Links to the event web pages will be given after we've had a chance to chat first. Cheers!

FTL 2448 Space Scifi Game

My house

Our intrepid crew is sucked through a worm hole with a giant alien craft built by an ancient slaver alien race. Building a new life and trading empire in a new distant galaxy with tons of alien races. Trading and small mercenary missions have gone well, but now, war looms. The Space Alt-Nazis are wanting to take over neighboring systems. The captain has dedicated herself to covert resistance. Will the new colony made up some really lost ancient Russians be successful? Will they be a good trading partner? Do you have what it takes? You're in luck! Her ship is hiring crew! Sound interesting? This would be an every other week game on alternating Fridays starting at 4:00 pm in Aurora. Drop me a line for particulars.

Palladium Fantasy

My house

The known world is in peril from the newest megalomaniac. This one might have the power and allies to take it. Even if he doesn't, there are infinite copycats trying to beg, borrow, or steal their way to enough power and infamy to join him. That's where the adventures come in. "Travel the world they said. See exotic things they said. Well they never said anything about stopping every ambitious twit with a grudge, but here we go again." Don't go looking to the gods for help, they've lost one of their own and are keeping their heads down and off the chopping block. One session you might find yourself rescuing the dragon from the evil princess, the next you may be negotiating peace between two belligerent monarchs. Best to be prepared for anything, and sometimes not all is as it seems. This is a skill based game set in the Palladium Fantasy world where innovative ideas are rewarded. Exact address will be shared with players when you RSVP.

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