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For whatever reason, you find yourself sad and need an excuse to get out of your home. This group will focus on gathering people together and collaborating to make art together. This is not a twelve step meeting for depression. This is not a, "bring your feature film script and tell us why things are going to be different when it gets made" group either.

We are a group of strangers that want to assist in comforting people sharing our struggle and try to be productive in the process.

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Toast Cafe Brasserie NYC

We will be creating 15-30 second music videos. Everyone should show up with a produced song you like (i.e. Kayne West song, Johnny Cash song, Beatles song) and know your preferred 15-30 seconds of the song you'd like to see on display. Each music video will consist of 1-2 people from the group with no dialogue. The goal is to direct non-actors to match the feeling that the song creates. I will be working camera and editing the final product that will be displayed via youtube link on the page. All shoots will be filmed outside after we've said our hellos in Toast Cafe and feel comfortable with the concept. I will post a sample video within the next week to give you a sense of what a finished project will look like. We hope to see you there!

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Personalized Valentine's Day Cards for Each Other

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