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Dan Shea - Progressive Web Apps

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“The application cache is a douchebag" - Jake Archibald. Web apps can be pretty cool, but we could be making them even cooler. Browsers are leveling up by adding functionality to enable a user experience akin to using a native mobile application. Enter the new buzz-phrase of the moment… Progressive Web Apps! We’ll explore how we can take our web apps offline but most importantly why you should care about this! Features such as service workers, background sync, push notifications, save to homepage and splash screens are pushing forward the frontier of UX in the web. This talk is about sharing the knowledge gained from FullStack 2016 conference and the lessons learned from implementing the features into real web applications. The goal is to provide more than just a high level overview. You should be able to walk away confident that you can implement these features into your own web apps straight away. Dan Shea is a Senior Software Developer at UNiDAYS. Professionally he concentrates on web apps and web services leveraging .Net technologies. In his own time he likes to gain hipster dev cred by hacking away with node and angular using an ancient linux laptop. When the moment strikes he likes to build crappy robots and make even crappier games. Slides:
Twitter: @DanCodeMonkey