Stephen Haunts: Blockchain Internals - A Developers View of How Blockchain Works

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Derby Developers
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The blockchain is described as the next revolution in computing as it solves the problem of distributed trust when there is no trust on the internet. Blockchain technology is generating an enormous amount of interest and is a current hot topic with financial institutions, insurance companies or any industry that works with transactional data that could benefit from the distributed trust it gives. The blockchain is also generating lots of investment from Venture Capital funds, so learning about this technology could certainly be career changing.

In this talk, we will explore what blockchain is in some detail from the conceptual use cases for it through to looking under the covers at how it works in detail. As the talk progresses, we will build up a sample implementation that will help developers form their mental model of what a blockchain is and how it works.

In this talk, I will cover

• Blockchain quick overview
• Cryptographic principles used by blockchain
• How transactions are stored in a block
• How transactions are hashed in Merkle trees
• Authorising transactions
• Verifying transactions in a block
• Solving the Byzantine Generals Problem
• Proof of work vs Proof of stake
• Maintaining consistency and consensus

You will leave this talk with a very good understanding of how the blockchain technology works and how it helps you solve the problem of trust on a trust-less internet. I will be demonstrating code written in C# and .NET Core 2 (Standard 2) specifically.

Stephen Haunts is a freelance course author for Pluralsight, Public Speaker, Book Author and Workshop Tutor.