Marco De Sanctis : ASP.NET Core Loves Docker: From 0 to Azure in 75 Minutes

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Containers are here, and they’re here to stay. And as a developer, the good news is that Visual Studio 2017 makes containerizing our applications a breeze. In this session, we'll port a non-trivial ASP.NET Core solution to Docker. After executing it locally on our machine, we'll explore which options we have to run it on the cloud and we'll deploy it to AKS (managed Kubernetes) in Azure.

This talk is meant for a developer audience, and it's heavily based on Demos. It starts with a few slides, which explain the "why of Docker" from a developer standpoint, and I use a few demos to let the attendees familiarise with some few basic commands.

The intro lasts ~10mins, after which the real focus of the talk is porting a non-trivial existing application to Docker. This phase is pretty much entirely driven by demos, which start from the support provided by Visual Studio 2017 and also covers how to implement an example of CI/CD pipeline in Visual Studio Team Services

The last part of the talk is about deployment, and it's still demo-based. I let the audience understand what's the benefit of having an orchestrator, than I show how we can declaratively deploy the whole system in AKS (Managed Kubernetes in Azure). This part also include some basics about monitoring and alerting.

Learning Objectives
- how to port a non-trivial ASP.NET Core application to Docker in Visual Studio 2017
- how to setup a CI/CD pipeline to automate build and deploy
- how to deploy it on AKS (Managed Kubernetes on Azure) and monitor it

About Macro

Marco De Sanctis is a freelance consultant in IT, with 15 years of experience in the .NET Platform. His interests range from a very strong tech background in C#, ASP.NET and the whole Microsoft stack, to Solution Architecture, especially for Cloud based applications. He's totally passionate of Microsoft Azure and his current focus is about running containerised applications on the cloud.

Thanks to his contributions to the .NET community, he's been awarded as Microsoft MVP for the last 9 years in a row.