David Whitney : Clouds, Micro-services, and the Brittleness of Architecture

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Why your cloud architecture might kill your software.

In this talk, we discuss what cloud-native really means for your software - and more specifically why ignorant use of excellent technology can actually damage your application, rather than help it. We'll discuss some excellent features of the Azure platform but also dive deep into the things that will definitely go wrong when you use them thoughtlessly - along with exploring some battle-tested, cloud-native patterns for avoiding certain disaster.

About David Whitney

I'm an independent software consultant working in London. I help developers and businesses work smarter, communicate better and write clean, well-tested code. I enjoy helping people learn how to build better software, using leading-edge tools and frameworks (mostly in the .NET / C# / HTML5+JS spaces), while getting to go home on time without stress.
First and foremost though, I'm a developer who enjoys building software that people use, especially open source frameworks and tools, and I can help you and your teams get the most from (and hopefully contribute back to) popular open source projects.

I can work with you and your business training developers through pair programming, agile "transformations", running retrospectives and doing hands-on​ development and delivery, either solo or ideally as part of a team of your own coders. If you're interested in talking about development practices and low-risk software delivery techniques, get in touch.