Mini Painting Night

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Joe will be holding a master class on painting miniatures.

We'll be starting at 6:30 sharp, so don't be late :). First one to my driveway gets that spot, otherwise there is street parking on the *east* side of the street!

While you are encouraged to bring your own paint and brushes, there will be spare paint and brushes for you to use. (Michael's has great sets of small hobby brushes for about $10-12 for those who want their own sets!). You can also get a set of palettes at Target (3 palettes for $3 total!). NOTE: These are expensive paints and brushes, so please be respectful of your usage!

We will be going over the basics, including how to prep your mini, what supplies you'll need, what all the different types of materials/paints there are, etc. We will also be going over the three most common techniques for making realistic shadows and lighting differences on your minis--layering, ink-washing, and dry-brushing!

You will also be supplied with *one* miniature to paint (design pending). However, you are encouraged to bring more to practice with! If you are super new to painting, I recommend starting with landscape pieces or objects rather than mini characters, as those tend to be much more detailed and difficult. It likely wont take you 3 hours to paint one mini, so bringing more of your own is encouraged! Mayhem comics has tons of unpainted minis for sale.

One option for starters might be the "Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn To Paint Bones Kit." It is $30 and includes 3 minis, brushes, and paints. See:

If you do not want the kit, you can buy all the things individually. Keep in mind you may need extra tools or supplies for other types of minis.

Contact Joe on Discord for questions!