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There is something about the desert. Those that have never been wonder why anyone would want to go to such remote and austere locales. Those that have been can't wait to go back. The freedom to roam, the diverse terrains, the unparalleled night skies...and the quiet beauty calls to the soul.

We conduct vehicle-based desert expeditions. Our goal is to find the few remaining blank spaces on the map and go explore them. We look for adventurous people who want to share in our adventures, either riding in our well-prepared vehicles or bringing their own expedition prepared 4x4s/motorcycles. Challenging adventures by day and a bit of glamping at night (we can carry more luxuries than a backpacker!).

You can find more information about our trips on our website. Search for Popskis Private-Expeditions. Also check out our Youtube videos or FB page under the same name.

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Tunisia Desert Expedition



2019 Tunisia Expedition: Search for the Lost Patrol 26 Oct-16 Nov 2019 Planning for our Tunisia expedition is well underway. We have five vehicles going and have 9 crew signed up (not via meetup). We have one crew slot still open. The expedition is going in search of a historically significant find, a lost patrol of WWII British Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) vehicles abandoned in the dune sea of the Grand Erg Orientale. So far we have an excellent crew that includes a SAR specialist, mechanics, paramedic, journalists and desert experts. We are looking for someone who can drive a Land Rover, pitch in with camp duties, has a strong sense of adventure and, most importantly, a good sense of humour! (The most important contribution to any expedition). There are going to be books, videos and magazine articles published about this trip, so get in touch if you want to be part of it and be able to say: "I was there!" We do ask crew members to contribute to the expedition costs (mostly vehicle prep, supplies, ferries, medical insurance etc), so there is a fee but for a three week adventure it is pretty modest. More info on our Popskis Private Expeditions website and our FB page.

2020 Desert Expeditions

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Just a heads up that we are looking at two expeditions in 2020. A return to the Empty Quarter of Morocco in May 2020 and a follow up expedition to Tunisia in October 2020. These are challenging trips requiring teamwork, a spirit of adventure and definitely a sense of humour. Check out our Popski's Private Expeditions website, FB page and YouTube videos for more info.

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Morocco Desert Expedition

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