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Drawing the human figure accurately is one of the great challenges in art, and this group will allow local artists and hobbyists a chance to practice in the Coachella Valley. For now we have found a home at the Coachella Valley Arts Center, 45140 Towne Street, Indio. In the future we may try out other locations if it benefits the group. We hope to meet every other week. We will mix up the combination of short, long, and medium duration poses from session to session. There will be no formal teaching, but those new to figure drawing are welcome to come. More advanced artists are often happy to give advice and input while the model is on break. There will be a small fee, depending on the number of participants, to pay the model for each session.

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April 24th Figure Drawing Meetup

Coachella Valley Art Center


Moving forward: The models will NOT wear a mask if everyone in attendance agrees to let the model pose without one. If you are concerned about health and safety and want the model to wear a mask, do not let that deter you from attending. Your voice will be heard, and the model will wear a mask. Otherwise, we continue to have these COVID rules in place: (1) Face masks to be worn by attendees at all times while at the CVAC. (2) A maximum of 8 artists attending. 8 + the model + me = 10, which is the number that Bill has asked that we limit our group to. This will help us social distance.

Now, the usual details for the Saturday meetup: Come to the address and park on the street or in the lot next to the CVAC (either is free). Enter the front door on Towne Street and walk through the gallery exhibit--we are in the back room. Credit, debit, and cash are all fine.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! - Dave

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April 3rd Figure Drawing Meetup

Coachella Valley Art Center


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